A La Carte Items Now Available

Ninnekah students now have a few more lunch options! We have been making some changes recently as we strive to provide more menu options for students. All students now eat breakfast in the cafeteria instead of the classrooms, and a new salad bar option has been added for Middle School and High School during lunch, Tuesdays through Fridays.

In addition to our regular lunch tray menu and salad bar, there is another new lunch option for Middle and High School students! A selection of A La Carte items can now be individually purchased in the cafeteria with cash only. These items must be paid for at time of purchase and CANNOT be applied to lunch charge accounts.

A new selection of A La Carte items will be chosen each week from the A La Carte Menu list. Only a few items will be available each day. 

To find a complete list of items and pricing, click A La Carte Menu Items for a printable menu or see listing below. Remember that this is only available for Middle and High School lunches, and only a few items will be offered each week!

A La Carte item list for Middle School and High School (only a few items available each week):

Hot Pockets $2.00
Crispitos $1.00
Corn Dogs $1.00
Chicken Chunks $2.00 for 6
French Fries $2.00
Mozzarella Sticks $2.00 for 4
Chicken Strips $2.00 for 2 big strips
Popcorn Chicken $2.00
Pizza Pocket $2.00
Pizza $1.50
Hoagie Subs $2.00
Potato Wedges $1.50
Chips $0.75
Cookies $0.75
Gatorade $2.00
Water $1.00
V-8 Splash $2.00
Smoothie $2.00

Thank you to our Cafeteria Staff for all of their hard work!