Laci Beth Tate and Mrs. Tara Winsett, WE Teacher Award Recipient

WE Teachers, made possible by Walgreens, is a new, no-cost program for any teacher across America, providing free resources and training to support them in addressing critical social issues with their class. It will ensure that teachers have access to the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and help students become active, engaged citizens. As part of this free program, teachers become part of a powerful network working toward excellence in education and enriching students’ lives. Because when we support our teachers, we empower their students. According to one study, 94% of teachers spend more than $500 of their own money on school supplies per year. That’s why Walgreens and WE have developed the WE Teachers Award! To acknowledge the extraordinary teachers in our lives, there will be $250,000 awarded to teachers this academic year with teachers receiving a $500 Walgreens gift card.

“I chose Mrs. Winsett because she is very nice, smart, and talented.  She teaches us all kinds of lessons about life. She looks out for her students, even when they think they might not need it.  Teaching is too small a word to describe what she has done for us.  She has not only taught us, she has inspired us and out of the many students that she has taught, I can safely say that she has made a difference in one student’s life.  That life is mine.” – Laci Tate, Ninnekah Middle School Student

“I am honored that Laci has chosen me for this award and appreciative of her kind words.  Teaching is a profession in which we often question if we are truly making a difference in our students lives with all they face in today's society.  My goal is to have a positive impact and make a difference in one way or another be it through Science or simply a shoulder to cry on.  It brings me much joy to know that I have done that for at least one of them.  I am excited to have been awarded the $500 Walgreens gift card for my classroom and the students I serve.  Utilizing the free resources and training provided by We Teachers will help me to better serve my students.”  - Mrs. Tara Winsett, Ninnekah Middle School Science Teacher