Coaches: Wes Pulliam, Jennifer Garner and Ethan Christian

I am Wes Pulliam, I have spent 18 years coaching basketball and football in private schools prior tp getting into public education in 2000. My Coaching career consist of Westmoore, Amber-Pocasset, Newcastle, Chickasha, Moss and Ninnekah. My goal is to bring discipline and to help mold our young athletes to be not only great athletes but accountable role models in their life after High School.

I am Ethan Christian after graduating from Chickasha High School I attended and earned a Bachelors degree from USAO. I have coached at Chickasha High school as an assistant coach for the 2019-2020 season of Basketball. My expectations is to give Ninnekah student athlete's my all and see where that takes them. The most important thing I want to do for our athlete's is help transform our programs into programs that have our students, fans and community are excited and proud to be apart of. I preach hard work as a student and athlete.

Track Team 2023