Ninnekah Elementary Spelling Bee 2019

Ninnekah Elementary held its annual Spelling Bee on February 13, 2019. Students are divided into two categories, 1st-2nd grades and 3rd-5th grades.

The winners for 1st-2nd grades are:

1st - Jonah Cremer

2nd - Jaxon Duke

3rd - Ryne Winsett

Spelling Bee Winners Jonah Cremer and Ryne Winsett Spelling Winner Jaxon Duke

The winners for 3rd-5th grades are:

1st - Valerie Alvarez

2nd - Rheanna Montalbo

3rd - Luke Wilcox

Spelling Winners Rheanna Montalbo, Valerie Alvarez, and Luke Wilcox

Congratulations to all of our winners, as well as to all of our participants! Great job, Owls!